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Maximising Value: Selling Auto Parts From Your Old Car

Auto Parts

Have you been spending an excessive amount of money on your car recently? However, why do the various repairs, upgrades, and cosmetic adjustments not appear to be effective? It is time for you to consider immediately replacing your car by thinking about how you can make money off the pieces of your prior vehicle.

If your car requires regular maintenance and is prone to breakdowns, its useful life is probably over at this point. You are going to run the risk of spending more money fixing the automobile than it is truly worth, so at some time you are going to have to make the difficult decision to sell it.


If you want to avoid any issues and prefer to remain in your comfort zone, one choice is to have the entire vehicle, including the engine and gearbox, recycled. Your city is home to a number of companies that buy used automobiles for cash and are willing to deal with vehicles that are so damaged that they cannot be repaired. These companies also offer the best cash for cars deals. They will also provide you supplementary services like documentation and  Sell My Car Brisbane automobile removal service, both of which will be of great use to you and will save you a significant amount of time. These services do not require any sort of payment whatsoever, as there is no charge associated with using them in any way.


If you are willing to take a risk in order to make more money than you already do, one alternative that you have is to sell your car in pieces. Unquestionably, we will need more of your time than you can even begin to fathom at this point. Even so, there is a better chance of generating more money doing something like this rather than selling your old automobile for scrap metal. Dismantle your vehicle with great care so that you can get to every component and take it apart.


It could be challenging to sell your vehicle for its individual parts. Because you won’t be able to work with cash for a car firm in the same way that you could if you were selling it in its current condition, you’ll have to take care of everything on your own. Take into consideration the numerous dangers that are involved in taking apart a car. You are good to go unless something goes wrong, in which case there is an increased possibility that the value of your car will decrease.

Before you do anything else, you should compile a list of some of the essential vehicle parts that attract high prices. Due to the fact that the market value of every component of an automobile is different, the total worth of the car will likewise be different. Because of the decade-long gap between the two models, it goes without saying that the auto parts taken from a 2015 model will fetch a higher price on the market than those taken from a 2005 model. It’s possible that a more recent model will include more cutting-edge components than an older one does. The value of parts might fluctuate based on their age, just like the value of models does. If any of the components of your vehicle have recently been upgraded, they may offer you a better deal than the older ones that are still available in the event that this is the case.


  • Converting Catalyst
  • Tyres and Rims
  • Systemic Exhaust
  • Motor Fenders for Tailgates
  • Alternators
  • Hood
  • sound system
  • GPS

These are the typical valuable components. You can perform your research and learn more about the useful components that your make’s model might contain.


Now that you have the list, you may start carefully disassembling the car. To avoid making the problem worse, make sure your hands are stable enough to complete the task. It is essential that you comprehend how a car is disassembled and what is involved. To avoid exhaustion, you can either disassemble all the pieces of your car at once or only one at a time. Then, you can sell the part, receive payment for it, and go on to the next one. However, it takes much longer than simply removing the parts in their whole.


You completed the task and extracted the pieces successfully. Now you must inform your audience that you have some parts available for purchase. You will need to advertise there on several websites where your target demographic hangs out.

Sanitize Them

Your car may not be clean when it is disassembled into bits, thus its components also can’t be clean. To make the pieces look as good as new, you must first give them a thorough cleaning.

Take Pictures Take crisp, eye-catching photos of the parts taken from various perspectives so that potential purchasers may get a good look at the items they might be considering purchasing.

Where should you place the ad?

You have a selection of platforms through which to promote your auto components. You can choose to use purchasing and selling websites, or you can use Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to advertise your auto components.

Attention the Details

To inform your potential customers of the details of the part, you must now create an effective copy. Mention the age of the components, their condition on a scale of 1 to 10, and whether they have ever needed any repairs. Avoid employing words that are tough for readers to understand and avoid displaying your vocabulary skills in the writing. Additionally, keep your material short; nobody wants to read a lengthy advertisement.

Publicize the Advertisement

You can start posting on your preferred websites or marketplace after everything is finished. A possible buyer of a specific car part may take days or weeks to respond. In the meantime, wait for their response. Never give up.


Depending on how old your car part is, prices may vary, but you may expect to pay something similar to the amounts listed below.


It contains copper and other recyclable metals. If you have strong strategies, it will net you between $100 and $200.


Around 100k to 150k miles seem to be the sweet spot for an alternator’s performance. If that holds true for your alternator, you can recover 50% of the original purchase price.

Pumping Water

It might sell for about $150 Exhaust Systems.

They contain a fraction of steel that can be recycled and sold for about $150.

Converting Catalyst

It costs $100 to recycle.

Wheels and Tyres

Up to $170 can be charged for the set.

Glass might earn $20 to $100 from a door.

Car doors might bring in $100 to $300.


Your vehicle’s GPS system can earn up to $100 Airbags

They are available for sale for more than $80 when not in use.

Front View

A rear-view mirror could get you $50 or more.

With the help of these projected prices, you can get a ballpark sense of how much money you could make by selling your car components privately. Do not fall for someone trying to lure you into something else.


I wish you well if you decide to move forward with the process. If not, there’s always Brisbane scrap car removal to get rid of your car. Only select what you believe to be right for you. When disassembling your car, you must exercise caution.

If your car parts become useless and you want to sell that car, consider our Cash For Cars Brisbane service, where you will sell that car. Is your vehicle not in good condition? Then we will buy it regardless of the state of the vehicle. 

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