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The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is any activity that could divert your attention away from driving. It is surprising to learn that cell phones are just a part of the problem of distracted driving. Other factors behind the wheel, like drinking coffee or using a navigation system, can also put you at risk.

Anything that occupies your vision and diverts your mind off driving contributes to the risk of threat and chances of road accidents. The brain can process a certain amount of information at any given time. When we attempt to perform multiple tasks while driving, we can encounter performance problems, leading to severe consequences.

Therefore, when driving, you must stay focused and drop down any thought of activity that might cause your brain to lose attention on the road.

With regards to unsafe vehicles, which are also the cause of distracted driving, the driver is constantly thinking about the hazardous nature of the car. Any damaged automobile must be sold for Cash for cars brisbane to avoid the primary risk of road accidents.

Put Away Distracting Devices

The easiest way to eliminate distractions is by putting your cell phone and other devices out of reach. Using cellphones and other gadgets while driving not only diverts the driver’s mind but creates a higher risk of road accidents.

It is therefore suggested that replying to a message or answering a phone call while you are on the road must be avoided for a safer ride. Other forms of devices like navigation and music systems cause the mind to lose focus on the road, therefore they are one of the reasons for distracted driving.

Avoid Getting Ready in The Car

It is a common practice among many drivers that they get ready in the car while driving to the workplace. One must avoid such things as it can make a person lose focus on the road.

You must leave your house when you are ready to go to work and avoid any activity that may become a barrier to your smooth driving practice.

Ask Your Passenger to Help

If you believe that attending a call is urgent or getting back to a text must be done right on time, then asking for a helping hand from a passenger is good practice.

This can keep the drivers focused on the road, keeping everyone safe in the long run.

Secure Any Cargo

Rolling objects on the passenger’s seat or the back of your vehicle can result in distracted driving. Before starting your journey, ensure that all the things placed in the car don’t roll back and forth while you are on the road, so you won’t be tempted to reach around to grab them while driving.

Don’t Eat While Drive

Eating can be one of the biggest reasons for distracted driving. It causes inconvenience to the driver and the others on the road. If you have decided to eat, it is suggested to pull over on the side of the road and take a few moments to eat in peace.

During the drive, if you incidentally spill your drink over your clothes or the car seat, it can cause distraction as you will be in an urge to wipe it off during the drive. To avoid such matters, it is better to not eat while you are driving.

Take Care of Urgent Calls Off the Road

If you have an urgent call to attend, pull off the road to a safe location to deal with it. Some laws in Australia prohibit drivers from participating in calls while driving, or else there are heavy criminal penalties.

It is better to play safe and deal with situations to keep yourself safe from the charges and the risk of road accidents.

Save Conversations for Later

It is always better to have conversations later than while driving. Conversations can sometimes lead to arguments, which can cause distracted driving. Having serious or emotionally charged conversations can distract your mind from wandering off the road.

Save all kinds of conversation once you are free driving to avoid any chances of minor or major road accidents.

Avoid Driving When You Are Sick or Tired

Studies say that driving when a person is tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving. If you are sick and tired, your mind cannot concentrate on the road hazards and might not make rational decisions.

A clear mind helps make sensible decisions on the road, so driving with an unconscious mind is not the best practice.

Practice Car Features Before Driving

If you have purchased a new car, it is better to familiarize yourself with the buttons and knobs before heading to the road. Figuring out your vehicle’s functions, like turning the windshield wipers on during the rain or working through the headlight can lead to distracted driving.

The ideal practice in this matter is to have a good grip on the functions of the cars and how they are performed in your vehicle. It can save you from getting webbed into severe confusion on the road.

Plan Your Route Before You Leave

Make sure your GPS is properly programmed before you head on the road. You have a good knowledge of the directions you are looking to head towards, or you have a sound navigation system that can manage your route plan without distracting your focus.

However, it is better to plan your route and trust the technology only sometimes.


Distracted driving can lead to a severe mess, resulting in deadly road accidents. All these distractions must be handled well to ensure a safe ride for yourself and other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

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