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5 Tips To Follow When Your Engine Overheats

5 Tips To Follow When Your Engine Overheats

Summer is here, so don’t let overheating engine ruin your summer travel plans. Engine overheating is most definitely a summertime problem, but there are ways to prevent this.

Here are 5 top tips for protecting your engine from overheating and extending the life of your vehicle.

No. 1 Turn off the engine

As soon as you see that temperate gauge rising to the red level, pull your vehicle aside and turn off the engine. It’s essential to switch off the engine because if the car is driven while overheating, it can result in severe engine damage.

So park your vehicle for a while and let it stand in the shade; the engine fans will continue to work even if the engine is turned off. Wait it out and once the gauge returns to normal, drive the vehicle.

No. 2 Make sure the vehicle has enough coolant

Insufficient coolant can cause engine overheating. Therefore it’s important to ensure that the car has enough coolant before going on long trips. But always make sure that the engine is completely cooled before opening the cap; otherwise, there is a great chance of super hot coolant being sprayed on you.

Overheating in cars can be caused by coolant leakage, whether from the engine part, hose, or radiator. In this case, wait for the car to cool down, then undo the cap carefully and refill it with coolant until you can reach for repairs. Such leaks should be fixed immediately to prevent further engine damage.

No. 3 Check for any mechanical problems

Mechanical problems such as frayed or broken drive belts can also be the reason for engine overheating. Replacing the drive belt is a simple process, and the sooner you can get the repairs, the better.

Driving without a drive belt is not recommended because it can cause the alternator not to charge the battery and cause the water pump to not work correctly.

No. 4 Switch off all the accessories

If you’re running the vehicle while it’s overheating, an immediate precaution you can take is to switch off all the extra accessories that are working. If the AC is turned on, then turn it off quickly, any media that is playing or phones that are charging should be stopped as well.

No. 5 Have your car inspected ASAP

If you feel that your vehicle tends to overheat often, quickly get it inspected. If you continue to run your car while this problem is persisting, it can result in more significant damage to the engine. And will result in much more expensive repairs.

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