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Turn That Rust Bucket into a Goldmine: Unconventional Ways to Make Money From Your Car

Turn That Rust Bucket into a Goldmine: Unconventional Ways to Make Money From Your Car

Your car isn’t just a means of getting from point A to point B; it’s a potential source of income waiting to be tapped. Whether you drive a compact car, a sturdy SUV, or a spacious van. There are numerous creative ways to cash for cars. This guide will explore 13 unconventional methods tailored to your car and lifestyle.

  1. Drive for Crowdsourced Delivery Platforms: Regardless of location, flexible driving opportunities are available through crowdsourced delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash. These platforms offer gigs suitable for almost any type of car and driver.
  2. Give Rides to People: If you don’t mind if other people use your vehicle, selling your car to services like Uber and Lyft will become a very profitable strategy. Whether planning a short journey down the road or an afternoon commute out of town, Sone apps can help you make money depending on the distance travelled.
  3. Work with Food Delivery Services: Many food delivery apps offer a chance to individuals who are more than happy to pick up and bring food from restaurants for customers. Having a reliable car can come to your service anytime you need it. And a smartphone that is always there for you to give you directions wherever you are to go.
  4. Shop and Deliver Groceries: Apps, including Instacart, intended for grocery delivery businesses inevitably build their network of bright drivers with an opportunity to get cash for cars. This way, you can schedule your timetable, live long hours without much strain between work and home, and still get paid well.
  5. Rent Out Your Car: Instead of keeping your car stocked in the parking lot, you can lease it to someone through sites like Turo. Considering peer-to-peer rental, you can have different sources of income. For instance, you can lend your car to others when you stay home alone.
  6. Deliver Medications: Delivering prescriptions for pharmacies is a good side job where a small car is enough. The partnership of local pharmacies with platforms like Roadie helps guarantee the rapid and discreet delivery of medications to customers.
  7. Make Passive Income with Car Advertisements: You can create a mini-billboard with your car participating in the car advertising programs offered by Wrapify and Carvertise. Make money as you drive while promoting companies’ goods and services through your car.
  8. Create a Mobile Business: If you have a specialised skill such as car maintenance or pet grooming, consider transforming it into a mobile business. Offering services on the go allows you to meet customer demand at their doorstep, providing flexibility and convenience.
  9. Help Children or Older People Get Around: Use rideshare platforms to assist minors or older adults who may need reliable transportation services. Safety and care are paramount when catering to these populations, ensuring a trusted and dependable service.
  10. Participate in Research Studies: Earn extra cash for cars in car-related research studies conducted by universities or research institutions. Keep an eye out for opportunities in your local community or online forums.
  11. Be a Pet Taxi Driver: If you’re an animal lover, consider driving for a pet taxi service. With more people returning to the office after the pandemic, there’s a growing demand for pet transportation services to vet appointments, daycare centres, and more.
  12. Run Errands for Neighbors: Busy families often require assistance with local errands such as grocery shopping or item returns. Joining community groups and online platforms like Nextdoor can help you connect with neighbours seeking help with errands.
  13. Before You Drive: Preparation is key before embarking on your journey to make money with your car. The following are some crucial actions to take:
  • Embrace your role as your boss and familiarise yourself with tax responsibilities.
  • Ensure you have adequate auto insurance coverage, including any necessary commercial coverage.
  • Get certified for specialised gigs to maximise your earning potential and stand out in the gig economy.


With these unconventional methods, you can transform your car from a simple mode of transportation into a lucrative source of income. Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash on the side or embark on a full-fledged entrepreneurial venture, a wealth of opportunities are waiting for you on the road.

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