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  • Get competitive prices for your vehicle up to $5,999 in instant cash
  • Free car removal service all over Carindale
  • Trained and professional staff
  • 24/7 online call service
  • Purchase a variety of cars in QLD
  • Licensed business with over 12 years of experience

Fast and Reliable Car Selling Service

Looking for a quick way to get rid of your car for cash in Carindale, look no further. FastCarRemovals is a well-known and reliable business to sell your car within a day. That’s right we can sell your vehicle within 24 hours.

We offer quick services all over QLD. Just call us, and we will handle everything and pay top cash up to $5,999 for any of your old vehicles, regardless of the brand. We are a trusted cash for cars Brisbane business, established in the year 2009. And since then, we have provided its resident’s top-quality services in the area.

Customers can call us or fill out our online form to get an accurate quote for their vehicle, and we will come to your location and tow the car for FREE. With us, customers don’t have to worry about high towing charges or any hidden fees.

Our processes are transparent and we have a customer-centric design to provide maximum benefit to our customers. To get top cash for cars in Carindale, contact us via call or email.

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Sell Cars for Cash in Carindale No Matter The Conditions

Selling old cars is tough, but selling scrap cars can be even more challenging. If you are looking for a way to sell your scrap car, get in touch with us. We offer customers hassle-free services to sell all vehicles in all conditions.

With us, you can sell your cars in the following conditions:

And more

With FastCarRemovals, you can earn top cash for cars in Carindale up to $5,999 for any of your old damaged vehicles. Get in touch with us to earn some money and receive FREE towing services all over Brisbane.

Get Your Car Recycled Without Leaving Your Home

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FastCarRemovals provide their customers with an easy method to recycle and earn cash for cars in Carindale at the same time. With our services, you can have your scrap car removed from your property for FREE and earn up to $5,999 in return. When we buy a scrap car, we pass it through a series of processes before converting it into recycled metal. In the newly purchased car, fluids such as petrol and coolants are removed, and rusted parts are discarded.

Now the vehicle is taken apart to remove all the salvageable parts from the car. In the next step, the car frame containing the most metal is sent to the recycling facility. The salvaged spare parts are taken to our branches, where they are sold at cheap prices, and the recycled metal is sold to industries that require them.

To receive more information regarding the recycling process, reach out to us at 04 0712 9416

frequently asked questions

I have to go out of the country. Is it possible for me to sell my car today?

Yes, with our services you can easily sell your vehicle within a day. Our process takes no more than a few hours from the start to finish. Call us today and book your slot.

Can I sell my car with a missing battery?

Yes. We buy cars in all conditions, whether they are roadworthy or not. If you have a vehicle that is not drivable, contact us. We will pay up to $5,999 for your unwanted vehicle

Do you only pay cash in hand?

No, we pay our customers in a variety of methods including cheques, bank drafts, wire transfers, and more.

What documents do I need to sell my car in Carindale?

All you need to sell your vehicle is your valid ID card and the title of the vehicle. And we will buy your vehicle and offer FREE car removal in Brisbane.

How much does FastCarRemovals pay for my car?

The table below will estimate the amount you will get for your vehicle.

Type of vehicle Estimates
Sedan $70 – $999
Vans $230 – $1,500
SUV $350 – $3,999
4wd $400 – $5,000
Truck or Busses $1,999 – $5,999