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Cash for Cars Manly is a car removal service located in Brisbane. We deal in old vehicles, junk, or simply unwanted. We’ve removed thousands of vehicles from various manly areas, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and many more.

Posting an ad in the newspaper or even online is a matter of the past. It takes a lot of time to attract customers for your vehicle, and even if someone does get interested, your vehicle will probably be underpriced and undervalued. This doesn’t go entirely in your favour, does it?

Cash for cars manly is your best option in such scenarios as we buy your car in 3 simple steps; if you are wondering, allow us to explain.

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1. Get A Free Quote

The first step towards selling your vehicle is to get a free quote. The process is pretty simple; all you have to do is visit our website and enter the required details of your vehicle. This will be the make, the model, mileage, some pictures, and the condition of your car according to you.

Make sure that you get the pictures from all angles, and do not forget to emphasise the seals on the doors, the bonnet, and the trunk. We must have all the photos for a fair evaluation and quotation of your car.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you will get a quotation in under 24 hours. It can be through a call or an email, whatever you prefer. If you agree with the price we have offered you, both parties can move to the next step.

0407 129 416
Cash For Cars Manly
Enjoy A Free Inspection

2. Enjoy A Free Inspection

Our experts will have to examine your car in real-time to understand whether your vehicle is actually in the condition you stated. An inspection team will visit your location and perform a detailed inspection of your car for that purpose.

But the fun fact here is that we don’t charge you a single penny for this service! It is entirely free, and once the inspection has been completed, our inspection team will report back to us about the condition of your car.

If the condition was exactly what was shown in the pictures, congratulations as we have a deal and may proceed to the final step.

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3. Free Car Removal

Yes, you read it right! We offer you a free car removal service. Our team of experts will arrive at your location and collect the vehicle without any charges. No matter where you are located in manly, we will arrive at your location ourselves for removal. Our access to the extensive roads network allows us to visit your site without any hassle. We also provide our assistance as Cash For Cars Brisbane services.

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Free Car Removal

Why Choose Us?

You might be wondering why you should choose us when there are so many other services available in the city. Many factors and perks of working with us make us distinguished from all others.

Wide Vehicle Acceptance

One of the significant benefits of dealing with us is that we have no restriction on the specifics of your vehicle. We accept cars of all makes and models and do not have any specific requirements for their condition.

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is a ford or a chevy, if it is two years old or 20 years old, if the mileage is 2000 miles or 50000 miles, if it is brand new or entirely non-functional. We accept your car in the condition that it is.

Fair Evaluation

Another perk of choosing our services is the fair evaluation of your car, which leads to better quotations favourable to you. If your vehicle is damaged, you might be facing the issue that most brokers or dealers price your vehicle according to the weight as they classify it in the junk category.

However, we do not go by the same plan. We evaluate the condition of your car based on various factors and look towards the bright side of the picture. This means we try to find what’s helpful in your car and what can be restored rather than making a list of what’s wrecked.

This allows for better pricing of your car and enables us to offer you rates that might not be provided by anyone else in the market.

Quick Services

One of the greatest features of our services is that we are quicker than most. Our systemised quotation service allows for your car to be evaluated online rather than you having to come to a service centre. Besides, the 24-hour quotation system makes the process faster and easier for you.

Afterwards, the car removal service is also relatively quick for coming in within 2-3 business days of the deal.


Cash for cars Manly is perhaps your best option to sell your vehicle for a reasonable and profitable price. Our exquisite services are fast, convenient, and user-friendly, so you enjoy the best privileges while getting the best price for your car. If you also have a car in your garage waiting to be sold, get your quotation from our website today and if that suits you, sell your car within a week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we charge for car removal or inspection services?

No, we provide you with these services entirely free of cost.

What is the highest we are ready to offer for a car?

We offer cash up to $5,999 for your car, but that depends on your car’s make, model, mileage, and condition.

How are the payments made?

We pay in any form convenient, be it cash, cheques, pay orders, drafts, or bank transfers.