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  • Licensed business with over 12 years of experience

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If you are looking for a reliable business to sell your car to, look no further. FastCarRemovals offer vehicle owners fair cash for cars in Palmview. We always quote prices comparable to the QLD market and never overinflate our quoted price.

We are a trustworthy business working in the cash for car industry for more than 12 years. So, we are aware of all the ins and outs of this industry and have a network of clients spread all over Queensland.

You can contact us right away to sell your vehicle. Our customer service team will contact you to inquire about the vehicle’s details and provide you quote within a few minutes. You can use the quote as a guideline and decide on whether to accept the offer or not.

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We offer the most competitive amount of cash for cars in Palmview. No more waiting for the right buyer or right price; with FastCarRemovals, you can sell your vehicle within a day and earn up to $5,999 in instant cash.

We buy cars in all conditions including:

Selling these types of vehicles for a good price is a difficult task, and the longer you wait to get the better offer, the more car’s value depreciates. That’s why FastCarRemoval offers quick services to take your vehicle off your hand and pay you in return cash up to $5,999. We also provide FREE car removals for all our customers in Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas.

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Why Us?

Quick car selling services  

With us, customers can sell their car for cash in Palmview in just 24 hours. We offer same-day car removals services and market competitive cash payments up to $5,999.

FREE towing for all types of cars

We offer a FREE towing service without any hidden charges. Also, we will tow your vehicle no matter the type and condition. We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, Utes, and commercial vehicles.

Competitive prices

We offer customers competitive prices for their old, new, and scrap cars. FastCarRemovals has acquired a vast network of clients all over the QLD region, enabling us to offer customers fast services and the highest prices.

Professional staff

We have a trained customer service team that works around the clock to answer all of the customer’s queries. Our car evaluators possess over a decade of experience in this field. And a fleet of professional tow truck drivers skilled at removing all types of vehicles.

frequently asked questions

I have to go out of the country. Is it possible for me to sell my car today?

Yes, with our services you can easily sell your vehicle within a day. Our process from the start to finish takes no more than a few hours. Call us today and book your slot.

Can I sell my car with a missing battery?

Yes. We buy cars in all conditions, whether they are roadworthy or not. If you have a vehicle that is not drivable, contact us. We will pay up to $5,999 for your unwanted car.

Do you only pay cash in hand?

No, we pay our customers in a variety of methods including cheques, bank drafts, wire transfers, and more.

What documents do I need to sell my car in Palmview?

All you need to sell your vehicle is your valid ID card and the title of the vehicle. And we will buy your vehicle and offer FREE car removal Sunshine Coast.

How much does FastCarRemovals pay for my car?

The table below will estimate the amount you will get for your vehicle.

Type of vehicle Estimates
Sedan $70 – $999
Vans $230 – $1,500
SUV $350 – $3,999
4wd $400 – $5,000
Truck or Busses $1,999 – $5,999