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Selling A Scrap Car Or Non-Runner: How To Avoid Misrepresentation?


Lies of any sort are unacceptable, and this goes true even when selling scrap cars. Be sure to disclose every detail of your vehicle before handing your keys to the next owner.  If the buyer discovers that you have deceived them by not telling any problems, they can sue you for misrepresentation. Note that, selling an unroadworthy car is a criminal offence unless the buyer is aware of the conditions. This is particularly true if the vehicle is scrap or a non-runner.


Lending Experts at Max Funding don’t tolerate misrepresentation. Shane Perry says,  “You’re likely to face charges if you sell scrap or a non-runner car, without informing the buyer of its condition. So it would be sensible to point out your car’s roadworthiness from the instant you list it for sale. You must be honest if a potential buyer asks questions. In doing so, you save yourself from wasting money in paying attorney’s fees or worse bails.”


To help you avoid misrepresentation is selling your scrap or non-runner car, follow the tips below:


Work With A Seasoned Car Broker


Consider working with a car broker to sell your scrap or non-runner cars. A seasoned car broker will be responsible for listing and finding prospective buyers. Furthermore, they know how to sell your car in the best possible ways. That includes not violating legal guidelines and optimizing the price. Brokers often catch pace with where all these legalities are to protect their own business.



Selling Your Scrap Or Non-Runner Car Privately


If you’re not comfortable with car brokers, consider selling your car privately. In this case, your fundamental duty is to make sure that you correctly explain the car’s condition to the prospective buyer. Don’t say that your vehicle is in perfect working condition when it’s not. Be honest from beginning to end.



Never Try To Conceal Major Damages


It is easy to brush over a car’s flaws or troubles. However, not being transparent with your buyer can cause potential financial and legal problems. To make a scrap or non-runner car look as good as possible, apply a fresh coat of paint. In selling cars, however, it’s unethical to paint over molds or mildews and not to confess it to the buyer.


Sell Your Scrap Car For Salvage


If you have an unroadworthy car that you’d like to get rid of, think about selling it for salvage instead. In salvage, automotive experts will take parts of your car to repair other vehicles. If you plan to gain cash for scraps, consider the following tip.



Transact With A Registered Car Removal Company


Each car to be scrapped must be sold to a licensed car removal company. This serves as a guarantee that automotive parts are responsibly recycled. In other words, these companies have the knowledge and facility to handle components that could damage the environment, such as battery acids, engine parts, or oils from gearboxes.



Gain More From Your Scrap Or Non-runner Car


Your scrap car could be worth more than you think. You’ll realize that if you deal with reliable car buyers. At Fast Car Removals, we promise that all of our clients get a fantastic deal for their cars, regardless of its condition. We offer an exciting opportunity to sell your scrap or non-runner vehicle for far more money minus the burden and hassle of doing everything yourself.