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How to Sell Your Junk Cars with Salvage Titles for Cash

How To Sell Your Junk Cars With Salvage Titles For Cash

You could be in a car accident, have your vehicle vandalized, or experience irreversible mechanical difficulties, among other things. While it’s very simple to trash your car given the significant reduction in its resale value, selling your compromised car for cash is just as easy.

“If you already have an old car that has lost its resale value, you may be compelled to just have it towed to a junkyard. But, you should consider your alternatives first—many individuals want spare replacement parts for automobiles that they are repairing, and others may be interested in renovating an old car. You may earn some additional money off old vehicles by selling them rather than hauling them to the junkyard, even though their retail value has decreased,” says car broker Burke Wilson of Great Rides.

Do you want to earn some cash and get rid of a worthless car? Here’s a step by step guide on how to sell it as a whole or in parts.

Step #1: Look For The Title


One of the requirements to sell a junk car is to present the vehicle’s title. So, look for it before you try to sell your junk car. If you’ve lost its title, get a replacement first before you try to sell the vehicle.

Step #2: Create A List Of The Junk Car’s Shortcomings

This list is essential as it will guide you when you inform potential buyers that the car is not working appropriately. By being informed of this situation, potential buyers know the amount of money they pay is proportional to the vehicle’s value.

Don’t forget to take note of the assets the junk car still has, though. Ideally, you present these good points to your customers, too.

Step #3: Come Up With the Car’s Estimated Price Worth

Your junk car is worth it to be exchanged for the amount of money it deserves to do so. It’s your responsibility to develop the car’s estimated price worth. But, some tools can help you come up with this data. An example of this tool is a site called Kelley Blue Book.

Don’t forget to add the estimated amount of money it costs to get the junk car repaired. Deduct the repair cost from the price of the same kind of car in good condition to get the value of your junk car.

Step #4: Clean the Vehicle

One of the things you may overlook is leaving behind your valuables in your junk car before selling it. One of the effective ways to avoid missing these things is to clean your car out thoroughly before selling it. Cleaning your vehicle almost always leads you to find your stuff in it.

What’s more, selling a clean vehicle to any buyer makes your junk car presentable in its way.

Step #5: Decide On How And Where To Find Potential Buyers

Among the top potential buyers of junk vehicles are individual buyers, businesses, and car removal companies. Individual buyers may have specific criteria for buying a junk car. But, count on a car removal company to purchase your junk vehicle regardless of the circumstances!

Step #6: Transfer The Signatory Of The Title To The Buyer

Don’t forget to transfer the signatory or sign the title back to the buyer to prevent an unexpected problem in closing your sale. Finally, turn over the keys and bill of sale to the buyer to make your sale official.

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