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New Car Warranty

New Car Warranty

Clever marketing strategies used by car manufacturers has caused the car owner to believe that their new car warranty will become void if they used any services outside of that provided by the manufacturers.

This is simply not true!

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) carried out a market study that stated that any qualified mechanic could carry out the vehicle’s logbook servicing as per the manufacturer’s instructions. And attaining services from an independent mechanical repairer will not compromise the manufacturer’s warranty.

After carrying out a twelve-month study on the Australian market, ACCC revealed that many dealerships continue to withhold essential data from independent repairers. This drastically affects the independent service providers’ ability to perform the repairs according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The reason for withholding information is the dealership enjoys up to 64% gross profit in vehicle repairs and would not want any other business to get a piece of their share.

Therefore consumers need to be aware of such details and be up to date on these policies; for further information, visit the ACCC website.

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