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Puma Fuel Car Review

Puma Fuel Car Review

Pumacard is more than an ordinary fuel card. It is a card accepted in all the suburbs of Australia at more than 400 Puma Energy Locations.

With a minimal fee, Pumacard offers various security options and available management facilities. Throughout Australia, Pumacard is accepted by more than 5600 service stations of Motorpass.  Puma Energy service stations also provide a variety of fuels such as:

  • Avgas
  • Bio Diesel
  • Diesel
  • E10
  • LPG
  • Premium 98
  • Premium Unleaded 95
  • Pumamax Diesel
  • Unleaded 91
  • Unleaded Low Aromatic Petrol

Top Benefits Of Pumacard

The good news is, besides purchasing car fuel, Pumacard can be easily used for paying vehicle repair and maintenance bills, buying tires and other spare auto parts. It can also be used to pay for parking tickets and taxi fare.

 Types Of Pumacard

There are usually three main types of Pumacard. However, you can modify each card for different access.

  1. Driver & Registration Pumacard

It can be used for a specific vehicle by one particular driver.

  1. Driver Pumacard

It can be used for all vehicles by a single driver.

  1. Vehicle Details Pumacard

It can be used for a specific vehicle so that any driver can use it.

Pumacard Options

There are two main options of Pumacard.

  1. Pumacard

It is a prime card that allows its user to enjoy all the benefits with no restrictions.

  1. Pumacard Direct

It is a slightly restrictive card that offers limited discounts. It is also only accepted at branded locations of Puma.

Joining Fee For Pumacard

The good news is, there is no joining fee for Pumacard. However, after joining, you need to pay a monthly fee of $2.5.

Other Fee

  • AMEX transaction fee – 2.1%
  • Late payment fee – $15 admin fee plus 3% overdue fee per month
  • MasterCard transaction fee – 1.3%
  • Non-Puma station fee – $0.5 per transaction
  • Paper statement fee – $3.95
  • Visa transaction fee – 1.3%

Interest-Free Period

The interest-free period is up to 21 days.

Eligibility Criteria

Pumacard is only eligible for ABN holders.

What Do You Need To Get A Pumacard?

  • Your ABN & Business Name
  • Full Name Of Driver
  • Vehicle Registration Number

Please note that if you’re a trustee or have any partnership with any organization, you will need to provide additional documents.