Fast Car Removals

Score Extra Cash From Your Vehicle With Fast Car Removals

Score Extra Cash From Your Vehicle With Fast Car Removals

People looking to make some extra money from their vehicles now have a trusted source to which to turn: Fast Car Removals.

A vehicle removal company servicing Australia’s Sunshine and Gold coasts, as well as Brisbane and Toowoomba, Fast Car Removals takes the guesswork out of scoring cash for old cars. The company specializes in vehicle removal in exchange for a fair price, no matter what the make or model.

Fast Car Removals takes cars, trucks, vans and utes.

The process is an easy one: customers provide a few basic points of information about their vehicles via phone, a representative will then off a quote and arrange a time to pick up the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been assessed on-site, the customer receives a cash payment that same day. The quote is valid for up to seven days, for those consumers that need time to think about the offer.

There is no extensive paperwork with which to contend, no high-pressure tactics; only a simple process, made convenient for the customer that results in cash in hand.

Fast Car Removals offers customers up to $5,999 for their old vehicle, a price that is often much more than they might get for the vehicle otherwise. The car does not need to be registered or even in working condition. The company picks it up with a tow truck so the road worthiness of the vehicle is not even a factor.

In fact, Fast Car Removals will pick up vehicles that have sustained flood damage or been wrecked in an accident. Even those vehicles in the worst condition are eligible to be picked up and used for scrap. Customers need only make the phone call and Fast Car Removals will do the rest.

The company’s innovative model of a no-obligation quote, vehicle pick-up and same-day payments is part of what sets it apart from others in the industry. In many cases where other companies say “no,” Fast Car Removals says “yes.”

For those customers that want to increase their take on a vehicle, Fast Car Removals offers tips on how to prepare a vehicle for the sales process. Even when it’s just being used for scrap, there are steps customers can take to increase the value of their old car.

In business since 2009, Fast Car Removal is Brisbane’s premier scrap car removal service. The company prides itself on arranging for pick-up options from any location in Australia with an easy process that comes with no strings attached.

Fast Car Removals has honed its customer service approach to ensure that those calls for a free, no-obligation quote work with a knowledgeable staff member who understands the process of evaluating vehicles and offering the best price for old vehicles.

This no-pressure approach helps customers to feel more comfortable with the process, while also guiding them on the best way to offload old vehicles that no longer run or are no longer of use to the consumer.

The company has created a process that is seamless and ensures that the customer has to do little more than making the call, providing information about their vehicle and collecting the cash at the end of the transaction.

Fully-licensed, Fast Car Removals has built a reputation for quality customer service and some of the best prices in the industry. The company is also committed to sustainability, so any fluids or parts that must be disposed of are done so in a way that aligns with Australia’s stringent environmental standards and Fast Car Removal’s eco-friendly policies.

For more information about Fast Car Removals or to have a vehicle removed in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay, Perth, Ipswich, or anywhere else in Australia, visit