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3 Ways to Sell Your Cars

3 Ways to Sell Your Cars

3 Ways to Sell Your Cars.

Want to know how to sell your car?  here is the 3 ways first private sell which include lot of hassle and work second option is sell to Car yard or dealer which is pretty easy but for a little be lower price third option is Sell Via Auction again it is gambling might go for good price

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Details :

1 Selling car privately include research and fixing the cars if it has any issues if your selling a car with Rego it must have Safety certificate means you should provide road worthy certificate to buyer and the buyer must change the title within 14 days from date of purchase so some buyers are honest and deal with good faith they follow that process but some don’t they mostly will drive under your name and you will be liable for any toll fees, or speeding so on if he gets any fines it will be send out to you because you still legally own the car then there is an option to cancel it from your name need to go to transport with the yellow page of the road worthy certificate then transport department can cancel it.

2- Selling to car yards or dealership does not include much hassle or research and mostly does not need road worthy certificate the trick is that you call few of them and get best price and mostly they pay you cash on the spot regardless of any condition.

3. Selling your car via auction or putting in auction first you need to do few paper works like seller forms and put fix price or unserved price reserved price  means you put an amount that if no one buy you don’t need to give the car or lower then that fix price but unserved means it can go from any amount you don’t have the control. Auction guys usually put three times your car in auction if it gets sold that is fine you pay small fees to auction and buyer pay auction and others fees to auction too but if it does not get sold so then you have to bring back the car and still pay auction fees in anyway.

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