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Top 3 Tyre Brands Of 2021 To Steer You into The Right Direction

Top 3 Tyre Brands Of 2021 To Steer You Into The Right Direction

Just like the engine, tyres are an essential part of the vehicle. Better quality tyres mean better performance and a better driving experience. Here is the list of the top 3 tyre brands dominating the market and are a good investment for your car.

  1. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is the worlds’ largest tyre manufacturer based in Japan. It is widely known as the provider for Formula One (F1). They offer various tyres from high-performance racing tyres to light-duty economical types and everything in between.

This tyre company has more than 180 manufacturing plants and research and development facilities in over 26 countries. In Australia, Bridgestone has a great reputation and has been announced as the “Most Trusted Tyre Brand” by Reader’s Digest magazine for the past six years in a row.

Bridgestone ensures that all the tyres being fitted into the customer’s car are quality controlled and safe. They spend the annual sum of $1 billion on their R&D and test 100,000 tyres to ensure safety. Bridgestone’s expertise in the market and their extensive investment to ensure the safety of their customers makes it a perfect brand for Australian car owners to purchase.

  1. Michelin

Michelin is another global player in the tyre industry. Based in France, Michelin provides their tyres to more than 190 countries worldwide. This company has been a significant innovator in tyres as they are responsible for developing and designing radial tyres.

Though their tyres can be expensive, they have still maintained goodwill among their customers and is one of the top tyre suppliers worldwide in terms of sales volume. Michelin sells tyres suitable for every season and all types of cars. Their Pilot Sport tyres have gained popularity because of its design and functionality as it is excellent for all-seasons and provides ultra-high performance.

  1. Goodyear

Another industry heavyweight is an American tyre manufacturing company, Goodyear. It is America’s top-selling car brand, and for a good reason. Established in 1898, Goodyear started its business manufacturing carriage and bicycle tyres but have grown in the last 100 years and even developed tyres used on the moon by NASA.

Currently, Goodyears has annual sales of about $21.5 billion. Many touring drivers are inclined to buy Goodyear tyres because of their excellent balance of dry and wet grip and are slow to wear. With Australia’s changing weathers and various terrains, choosing a brand with perfect all-seasons tyres will be an excellent choice for Australian car owners.

The next time you are in the market to purchase new types, you will have a rough idea of what brands to look out for.

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