Get Top Cash For Old Bus in Sunshine Coast

Fast Car Removals is a well-established business serving the QLD area for more than a decade. Our aim has always been to offer customers fast, convenient services and provide maximum value to the customers.

  • Customers can quickly sell their hard-to-sell old busses by simply filling our obligation-free quote form.
  • After filling the form, they will receive a quote. If they like the quoted value, they can call us and book a bus inspection.
  • Our evaluators will come to your chosen location, inspect the vehicle within 50 minutes, and give you an offer.
  • This offer is valid for three days.
  • Once you accept the offer, our staff will provide you with paperwork to transfer the vehicle’s title.
  • After the paperwork, we will hand you cash up to $13,000 and tow your vehicle for FREE

To sell your old bus for cash in Sunshine Coast, give us a call or email us.

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Cash For Old Busses Sunshine Coast

Sell Your Bus for Cash in Sunshine Coast No Matter the Brand

Fast Car Removals is not specific about the brand of busses we buy. We purchase all brands of American, Korean, Japanese, Australian, and European busses.

Such as

And more

If you have the following brands of busses parked in your office or driveway, give us a call and our tow truck drivers will arrive at your location and pay cash up to $13,000.

We Buy All Conditions Of Bus

At Fast Car Removals, we are not specific about the condition of the vehicle. We purchase all types of busses from 2000 onwards. So whether your bus is in a drivable condition or not, we will buy it and pay you handsomely for it.

Conditions of vehicles we accept:

  • Used busses
  • Unwanted busses
  • High mileage busses
  • Broken down busses
  • Salvage busses
  • Damaged busses
  • Flood, hail, fire damaged busses
  • Junk busses
  • Scrap busses
  • Busses with body damage
  • Busses with missing parts

We purchase unwanted busses and use them for scrap metal and spare parts. This way, we recycle and reuse the available resources, hence helping preserve the environment for future generations. we also offer Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast

To know more about our eco-friendly initiative, get in touch with us via email or call our customer service team.

Bus Removal Sunshine Coast


Fast Car Removals purchases old busses for cash in the Sunshine Coast, so we can sell its spare parts at affordable rates. We believe if we reuse these working vehicle parts, we can help the environment by reducing the carbon emission that results from metal ore extraction.

Few of the bus parts we sell at our branches

  • Rims
  • Bumpers
  • Exhaust system
  • Motor
  • Air conditioner
  • Speaker system
  • Windows
  • Steering wheel
  • And more

To purchase any of the above parts or if you want to look up our inventory, call us.