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Selling A Scrap Car Or Non-Runner: How To Avoid Misrepresentation?


Lies of any sort are unacceptable, and this goes true even when selling scrap cars. Be sure to disclose every detail of your vehicle before handing your keys to the next owner.  If the buyer discovers that you have deceived them by not telling any problems, they can sue you for misrepresentation. Note that, selling […]

The Baillon Collection | Barn Find of the Century

baillon collection

News of the Baillon collection has quickly become a sensation across the globe. With almost 100 abandoned classic cars, this discovery has been tagged as the Barn Find of the Century. In the grounds of a French castle, almost 100 abandoned classic cars were discovered, including Bugattis, Hispano-Suizas, Delahayes, Delages and a Maserati, all caked […]