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Fast Car Removals Brisbane offer top quality scrapyard services for all your car needs. Whether you want to get rid of your scrap vehicle or buy spare parts, we are your answer.

Unlike our competitors, we never over-inflate our FREE quotes, but always provide the most accurate value. We offer FREE removal services QLD wide and the most reliable and helpful full customer service team in all of Brisbane.

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Scrapyard Brisbane
Scrapyard Brisbane

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    How Do We Purchasing Scrap Vehicles?

    Selling your car for cash to a scrapyard Brisbane has never been easier. We have a fleet of tow truck drivers all over QLD, who can pick up your vehicle within a day. We follow a streamlined process for purchasing your car. All customers have to do is

    Call now and get rid of your scrap vehicle within a day.

    We Buy All Types Of Vehicles At Scrapyard Brisbane

    If you have a vehicle that is smashed, junk, old, damaged taking up space in your driveway, call us today and sell it in a stress-free way. Also, we buy unwanted cars of all makes and models all over Brisbane. We pay up to $5,999 for a variety of scrap vehicles whether they are Japanese, American, European, or Korean.

    The following brands are accepted

    Alpha Romeo

    We know a vehicle is valuable even if it’s no longer roadworthy. That’s why we are not specific about the brands or age of the vehicle. We make use of the car’s spare parts and scrap metal, and make sure the minimum amount goes to the landfill.

    To sell your scrap car in an environmentally friendly way, get in touch.

    We Are The Best Scrap Yard In The QLD Market

    There are many reasons to choose us over our competitors

    • We are a certified and licensed business with years of experience in the scrapyard Brisbane
    • You can find the largest inventory of high quality used spare parts with us.
    • With us, you can find refurbished spare parts. We pass it through a thorough quality check before selling.
    • We have 35+ networks of dealers, scrapyards, and private buyers all over QLD. Which helps us provide you top quality services and the best value.
    • We offer FREE removal services in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs
    • Offer eco-friendly recycling of scrap vehicles and offer the best prices for them
    • For more information on our services, reach out to our customer service team today!
    We Are The Best Scrap Yard In The QLD Market

    Recycle Your Scrap Cars With Us

    Scrapyard Brisbane offers this option for all the responsible citizens of QLD. Preserving natural resources have become of utmost importance as the natural assets are depleting the planet.

    Recycle Your Scrap Cars With Us
    • We play our part by making use of all the parts of the vehicle and sending the minimum amount to the landfills.
    • We purchase your scrap vehicles and remove all the rusted parts and toxic fluids from them.
    • Our trained staff will now disassemble the vehicle.
    • Spare parts are salvaged and repaired for reuse or sale.
    • Scrap metal and glass are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.
    • Recycled metals go to industries that need them.
    • We safely dispose of other waste